Ecological Consultants
Ecological Consultants

Protected Species Licensing

Protected Species in the UK includes any animal, terrestrial or aquatic, that is protected by legislation. Natural England provide standing advice on those species most likely to be affected by development.


In some cases, a Natural England licence may be required to allow the development to proceed lawfully, utilising mitigation (prevention and reduction) and compensation (creation and enhancement) measures to ensure the preserved Continued Ecological Functionality of a population.


Full planning consent must be secured prior to submitting a licence application. In determining a planning application where a protected species is present, planning authorities are required to consider three ‘tests’;

1. No satisfactory alternative

2. Imperative reasons of overriding public interest

3. Favourable Conservation Status


If any of these requirements is not met, planning permission is likely to be refused. A protected species report including measures to be taken in the development to satisfy the three tests will be prepared by Bernwood ECS to accompany your planning application.


Bernwood ECS can undertake subsequent licensing work on behalf of the client for bats, great crested newts, dormice and badgers.

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