Ecological Consultants
Ecological Consultants


The UK has six native reptile species, all of which are declining and protected by law. Grass snakes, adders, common lizards and slow worms are widespread and it is an offence to intentionally kill or injure them. Smooth snakes and sand lizards are rare and receive additional protection against disturbance, capture, possession or handling. Their habitats are also protected under EU law.

Survey and Mitigation

Reptiles are likely to be found in open, sunny habitats such as heathland, embankments, stone walls, open grasslands and verges. In addition, wetland, scrub and woodland habitats are likely to support grass snakes and slow worms.


Works that may result in the killing or injury of reptiles, or disturbance in the case of sand lizards and smooth snakes, will require a survey to identify their presence and establish development impacts.


Bernwood can undertake reptile surveys (March – October) and provide a bespoke report detailing the findings in addition to an impact assessment and conservation recommendations.


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