Ecological Consultants
Ecological Consultants


Bernwood ECS works closely with one of the UK's top entomological consultants, Dr. Mark Telfer, on sites of historic importance where the age of the property often offers important habitats for invertebrates, including saproxylic (deadwood) insects.

Undertaking an invertebrate survey improves the understanding of the ecology of a site, allowing us to provide an holistic assessment of biodiversity on your land.

Trichonyx sulcicollis, Coleoptera

This pselaphine rove beetle is listed as a Vulnerable (RDB2) species. A rarely seen and little known bettle that lives at the roots of beech trees where it is predatory, probably on smaler invertebrates such as mites and springtails. This specimen was discovered in a veteran beech tree in old parkland.

Ptilinus pectinicornis, Coleptera (Fan-bearing Wood-borer)

A relative of the woodworm, Ptilinus pectinicornis is one of the 700 British beetles which are associated with living and decaying timber in Britatin. More than half of those beetles have rare or scarece conservation status but Ptilinus pectinicornis is one of the more widespread and common species , preferring to tunnel in decaying beech but using a range of broadleaved trees.

Meta sp, Araneae

There are two species of Cave Spiders, Meta menardi and M. bourneti. Found on a number of National Trust sites, these spiders are photosensitive as adults, while the young are thought to seek out light as a method of promoting dispersal.  

Papillifera bidens, Clausilioidea

This snail is also known as "The Cliveden Snail". Recently found within the South Terrace balustrade, the snails had gone undetected for over a century since the import of the balaustrade from Italy in 1816.

Elodes tricuspis, Coleoptera

This little beetle likes damp places, and was found within old parkland on one of our client's estates in 2012. It had previously only been recorded from three hectads since 1980. 

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