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Ecological Consultants


Bernwood ECS actively encourages and pursues research to better understand our natural environment.

DNA Metabarcoding for diet analysis of Bechstein’s bats in Bernwood Forest

A collaborative project between NatureMetrics and Bernwood ECS Ltd continuing to develop the understanding of Bechstein's bats in the Bernwood Forest which have recently been demonstrated to be an isolated population in the UK with low genetic diversity.
In this pilot project, we show how DNA metabarcoding can be used to reveal the relative contribution of woodland and non-woodland prey species to the diet of the Bechstein’s bats in Bernwood Forest. The aim is to increase the understanding of the foraging behaviour and habitat use of this important population.
ForaginghabitsofBechsteinsBats- June 201[...]
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Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes - Sustainable Drainage System (and great crested newts)

The Hazeley Academy (formerly Hazeley School) is a purpose-built, state of
the art secondary school designed by Architecture MK on the Hazeley grid
square in Milton Keynes. The project incorporates a sustainable drainage
system (SuDS) scheme designed by Robert Bray Associates, incorporating
extensive areas of concrete block permeable paving as source control.
• Concrete Block Permeable Paving, SuDS & Amenity
• Treating, Storing & Controlling Water Runoff
• Enhancing Habitats & Protecting Wildlife
• Permeable Paving over the longer term
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Breathable Roofing Membranes and Bats: retrospective and proactive measures to prevent death and injury

Damant & Dickins (2015) Breathable Roofing Membranes and Bats: restrospective and proactive measures to prevent death and injury
The interaction between bats and Breathable Roofing Membranes (BRM) is becoming increasingly brought to the forefront of bat conservation; particularly as sustainable solutions to building maintenance and functionality are being sought and applied. A number of recent publications have highlighted cases of entanglement of bats in BRMs. Until further research is undertaken an interim solution to deal with the use of BRMs retrospectively is required. Three examples of a solution using Netlon® mesh to reduce the risk of exposed BRM to bats are discussed.
Breathable Roofing Membranes and Bats - [...]
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Rapid response mitigation to noctule Nyctalus noctula roost damage, Buckinghamshire, UK

Historical records over the last century suggest an overall decline in UK bat populations, with the cause speculated to include a decline in roost availability. In 2009, a noctule maternity roost was recorded in an ash tree within ancient semi-natural woodland in Milton Keynes, UK, where up to 75 bats including lactating females were recorded. In December 2011, the ash tree was accidentally felled by contract staff operating on behalf of the landowner whilst carrying out ride habitat and tree safety management as the tree was considered to be a public safety concern. A mitigation and compensation strategy was implemented, with a noctule maternity colony returning in 2012 and 2013. The landowner has subsequently altered internal working practices in relation to bats and trees. This case study exemplifies the need for sharing ecological data records within organisations, and to and from third parties. Good record keeping including photographic and video evidence together with a ‘rapid response’ procedure is demonstrated.

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