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Chris Damant MCIEEM

Chris Damant is the director of Bernwood.


Proficient in all aspects of Natural History, Chris is especially interested in calcareous grassland communities and European species of bats, undertaking studies in Europe of underground structures and studying the Bechsteins bat in the UK. Chris is fully licenced with Natural England to use a range of capture techniques, including mist netting, harp trapping and hand netting for the purposes of scientific research (class 3 & 4) and is a registered consultant on the Bat Low Impact Class License (BLICL).


Chris holds a Natural England Science and Education licence (class 1) for great crested newts and an Education licence to possess great crested newts, as well as a number of project licenses.


In his spare time Chris experiments with new technologies that he can apply to the observation of wildlife, including the use of motion cameras, thermal imaging and digital camera techniques.


Chris has published "Rapid reponse mitigation to noctule Nyctalus noctula roost damage, Buckinghamshire, UK" in Conservation Evidence (2013) with collegue E. Dickins.


  Contact Chris and visit the Bernwood Forest Bechsteins Project

Emily Dickins M.Sc MCIEEM

Emily Dickins has worked for Bernwood since February 2012. She is a graduate of Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, undertaking a B.Sc in Wildlife Biology, Ecology and Conservation, and a graduate of Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, undertaking an M.Sc in Land Management specialising in Ecological Conservation.


Emily holds a Natural England Science and Eductaion licence (Class 1) for great crested newts and bats (Class 3 & 4) as well as research licences for bats, and great crested newt license to posess for educational purposes. She has led school interactive education days on urban wildlife, taking along live and dead specimens.


Emily has, and continues to actively publish research and conservation projects:

  • Zemanova, M.A., Perotto-Baldivieso, H.L., Dickins, E.L., Gill, A.B., Leonard, J.P. & Wester, D.B. (2017) Impact of deforestation on habitat connectivity thresholds for large carnivores in tropical forests. Ecological Processes. In Press.
  • E. Dickins (2015) on behalf of Bernwood ECS. Case Study: Hazeley Academy, Milton Keynes - Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems and their benefits for wildlife (great crested newts). Pave-it (
  • Dickins, E., Carter, T. (2015) The Effects of Flooding on Small Mammal Populations. Mammal News. 172: 16- 17pp.
  • Damant, C.J. & Dickins, E.L (2013) Rapid response mitigation to noctule Nyctalus noctula roost damage, Buckinghamshire, UK. Conservation Evidence. 10: 93 – 94pp.
  • Dickins, E.L, Yallop, A.R. & Perotto-Baldivieso, H.L. (2013) A multiple-scale analysis of host plant selection in Lepidoptera. Journal of Insect Conservation. 17: 933 – 939pp. DOI: 0.1007/s10841-013-9574-8.

Joshua Sowden M. Sc ACIEEM

Josh has worked with Bernwood since 2019, joining the team as full time ecologist in October 2019. He is a graduate of University of Plymouth, undertaking a Masters degree in Environmental Consultancy. Prior to this, Josh studied for a BSc in Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth.


Josh holds a Natural England Science and Education licence (Class Level 1) for great crested newts and (Class Level 2) for bats.


Josh has worked in Ecological Consultancy since 2013 and undertakes field surveys for a variety of species and habitats, data analysis, digital mapping and report writing. Josh is experienced in developing mitigation strategies for reptiles and carries out breeding bird surveys.


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Sue Damant

Sue Damant is a Co-Director of Bernwood, working as the company secretary since 1998. Prior to this Sue worked for The National Trust, including Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire and Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire.


Sue can assist with any enquiries, and offer administrative support in relation to our business.


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